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Fun little triple to start my night. Jewelry by #neometal @slavetotheneedle #slavetotheneedle #seattle #safepiercing #appmember (at Slave to the Needle)

also if I take the piercing out and touch it I feel hard skin underneath is this fine? And when I look at the hole where the ring goes through sometimes it looks like goo coming out (sorry if tmi). I thought that piercings would dry, dry (and would look like for example my ear lobe) thank you!!!


Also, if it’s irritated I don’t think you should be removing the jewelry or touching it. Go see a reputable piercer. Hope this helps.

Hey! I got my belly pierced close to 7 months ago. Is it normal that it is sometime feels irritated and oozes white stuff? (Not pus, on google it said it's called lymph). Is this normal? Should it still be secreting lymph stuff? Or do you think it's pus? I take really good care of it too. Do you think I can change the jewelry yet or no? And when it's not sore and when it's just there, I wake up with crustys around the piercing. Normal?


Hello! I think you should go have a reputable piercer take a look at it in person and go from there.

8 month old helix spiral with #ANATOMETAL jewelry @slavetotheneedle #slavetotheneedle #seattle #safepiercing #appmember (at Slave to the Needle Tattoo and Body Piercing Ballard)


Gold and Steel Barrel Maker's Presentation Knife by AlaeSwords


Katana Sword

  • Dated: 18th century
  • Culture: Japanese
  • Medium: steel, wood, copper, silk

Source: Copyright © 2014 Historical Arms & Armor

Fresh double nostril with yellow gold and diamonds from #BVLA @slavetotheneedle #slavetotheneedle #seattle #safepiercing #appmember (at Slave to the Needle)

Fresh 16g faux snug with #neometal jewelry and a healed industrial with a 14g #anatometal barbell. @slavetotheneedle #slavetotheneedle #seattle #safepiercing #appmember (at Slave to the Needle)

Fresh little daith piercing with #ANATOMETAL jewelry @slavetotheneedle #slavetotheneedle #seattle #safepiercing #appmember (at Slave to the Needle)


Ocean Jasper by Relic Stoneworks


APP 2014 collection Large Megalodon Teeth ear weights by Diablo Organics

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Morgan Taylor


Photos by

Scott Harris