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Seattle, Washington


Above: the tip of a hypodermic syringe.

Below: the tip of a fang from the cobra Naja kaouthia.

Both are designed to pierce the skin and admit fluids into the bloodstream, although it is often the case that the intended effects are polar opposites.

Artificial designs frequently imitate those of nature; in this case, mankind was approximately 25 million years late. 

Yep, we’re grilling nachos @risashew @snowdentat


Natural > Synthetic

2” Royal Imperial Jasper


James L. - Lenticular Clouds Over Mt. Rainier (2004)

Fresh nostril with a 2mm cabochon white opal from #neometal @slavetotheneedle #slavetotheneedle #seattle #safepiercing #appmember (at Slave to the Needle)

Fresh 14g tragus with a mint green channel end from #industrialstrength @slavetotheneedle #slavetotheneedle #seattle @safepiercing #safepiercing #appmember (at Slave to the Needle)

4.5mm diamond beautifully set in platinum by #bvla came in today for one of our clients @slavetotheneedle #slavetotheneedle #seattle #safepiercing #appmember (at Slave to the Needle)

White gold from #bvla @slavetotheneedle #slavetotheneedle #seattle #safepiercing #appmember (at Slave to the Needle)

Does Slave To The Needle do discounts on multiple piercings done in one sitting? I mean, I still plan to get the piercings done by you or Adam even if you guys don't but I'm just curious.

Yes, it costs less to get two piercings done in one sitting than it would to have them done separately. Call the shop or come by to discuss specifics.


Happy Birthday, Brian!
Back in the early 1990s, the center of the ‘extreme’ body modification world was a sleepy little retirement town in Florida called Zephyrhills thanks to it’s most colorful resident Jack Yount. 

Jack had a steady stream of visitors stopping by for piercing and surgical modifications, but it was rare at the time to run into people close to my own age, until we happened to run into Brian. 

Now we’re old, too. 

Happy birthday! 

Some of the jewelry we brought back from the association of professional piercers conference. @mayajewelry #mayajewelry @slavetotheneedle #slavetotheneedle #seattle #safepiercing #appmember (at Slave to the Needle)

Fresh nostril with a #BVLA simple daisy on an 18g #neometal flatback @slavetotheneedle #slavetotheneedle #seattle #safepiercing #appmember (at Slave to the Needle)

We made it. #lasvegas to #seattle #app2014 (at Alaska Airlines - Las Vegas/McCarran Int’l Airport (LAS))

Airport time with @dab0u #slavetotheneedle #app2014 #seattle to #lasvegas (at Seattle–Tacoma International Airport)